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Jayne Beard Associates have been an industry leader in providing outstanding service to both tenants and landlords for over 25 years and has acquired and maintained an excellent reputation within the town, local businesses and relocation agents.

Having been founded in 1985 the company has gone from strength to strength. From the early days when the focus was upon housing foreign students for the Bedford English Study Centre to a now multi-purpose agency dealing with all types of tenancies such as student, private, company, commercial and long term; Jayne Beard Associates has been able to gain unmatchable experience and knowledge of the market.

We are proud to admit to a low turnover of staff and a team of experienced senior management who have worked within the company for many years, ensuring continuity.

The knowledge and understanding of the rental market provides an unprecedented insight to the industry with the distinct local knowledge is invaluable enabling Jayne Beard Associates to provide a seamless service from initial enquiry.