Stonegate Estates Move On Up to... Hermitage Road

Published: 20/03/2019

Our Hitchin Office Stonegate Estates Move On Up to... Hermitage Road

Stonegate Estates, one of the oldest established Independent Estate Agents in Hitchin, are on the move to fresh new premises in Hermitage Road.

It’s exciting times for the Stonegate team headed by Director James Beard, who are relocating to the top of Hermitage Road, in the lee of one of the town’s most distinctive landmarks, Windmill Hill.

“We’ve been in Brand Street for over 15 years” says James and although we love the office, we decided that we really needed more ground floor space and window display.”  
With so many estate agents moving online, Stonegate are determined to retain their face-to-face service.

“Some agencies have even decided to give up their high street premises, in favor of a purely online service but we have never considered that, as we firmly believe that clients still like face to face contact, with the reassurance that they can drop by and see us for a chat about their house sale or tenancy.”

This is one of the reasons that Stonegate Estates have decided to move to larger, more easily accessible premises.

“We’ve really outgrown the Brand Street office”, says James. “Even though there are offices on the first floor, they are not really practical for easy access, where our new premises are ideal. They are all on the level, have car parks close by and with the large window display our homes for sale and to let can be shown off to those on the way to and from the station.”

“The internet has brought with it massive changes in all industries” he says, “and clearly the property industry has seen its fair share of modernization through online platforms like Rightmove, Zoopla etc. This has meant that potential buyers and tenants have found it easier to find their new home and communicate more efficiently with us.”

Stonegates Estates has operated in the industry for 30 years. The company has seen many changes since it’s foundation in the late 1980’s when it was located in the Corn Exchange on the Market Place. Since then fax machines have been replaced by email, and local newspapers have changed their names and merged. Throughout this period of change, Stonegates has remained a steady presence, helping their customers negotiate the housing market.