Charles Ross December Sale

Published: 10/04/2017 By Charles Ross Auctioneers

The December sale held at the Woburn Saleroom created plenty of interest and some excellent results.

A 1960, first edition of Ian Fleming’s ‘For Your Eyes Only’ reached £340, well in excess of the estimate.

The value of gold has recently reached a low point for the year however a large collection of sovereigns sold for values beyond the expectations of many. Other interesting sales included a gentleman’s 9 carat gold Rolex Oyster Imperial watch which made £850, a lovely diamond set hinged bangle going for £2,400 and a bronze study of a stallion for £120.

The new year looks full of promise with Holloway’s Auctioneers of Banbury, also part of the Beard Group, receiving instructions to sell a fabulous private collection of vintage cars – keep your eyes on Bedfordshire on Sunday for further information.

A number of external valuation days are being held across the region and details of those will be shown on our website and in the press.

The regular valuation days continue every Monday and Tuesday at the saleroom.